Adrian Gomez


I got the call while taking an art class at Chattanooga State. It was Monday morning, November 4, 2002. My husband was on the phone and told me that Adrian had been in a car accident and was taken to UT Medical Center – we needed to go to Knoxville. On the long drive to the hospital, my husband asked if I wanted to know what had happened. I told him “No.” No, I did not want to know, the only thing I wanted was to be with Adrian. When I saw him he was in the trauma unit and unconscious. “Adrian, I am here.” I held his hand and kissed him. He had surgery and they could not tell us anything, except that we had to wait to see what the status of his brain was, which could take about two days. When it became apparent he was not going to make it, the decision was made to donate his organs.

Adrian was born on January 6th, 1982, in Mexico City. On that day “Los Reyes Magos” is celebrated in Mexico. It’s the day the Three Kings bring gifts to baby Jesus. Looking back on his life, he always has been a gift. “Tiene angel” was said about him when he was a child. There was an energy around him that was irresistible. He charmed everyone with his engaging smile, and he was witty and humorous like the best comedian. His friends said that the room would light up when Adrian would walk in. He always saw the good in everyone, and was welcome at all parents’ homes. He excelled in sports and was known for his talents on the soccer field. Adrian was fearless and lived for the day. About three weeks before he left this earth he told one of his friends, who was complaining about too much homework at college, “Don’t take life so serious! Enjoy it while you are here, that’s what I am doing!”

He was on the way back from a concert, when one of his friends, who was driving, lost control of the car. Adrian was asleep in the back seat and was thrown out of the vehicle His organs gave life and hope to four people in Tennessee. I have not met any of the recipients, and am probably not ready to do that yet. But I know he will live on in my heart and in the hearts of uncountable others. And part of him lives in those who received his organs. Thank you Adrian for sharing yourself with us – you gave of yourself in life and beyond. We love you!