On July 4, 2012, Caleb went to a friend’s to swim and celebrate the Fourth of July, where an incident occurred in the pool. Paramedics rushed Caleb to Vanderbilt where the doctors determined he suffered a cervical spinal fracture and that his breathing had stopped at the time of the injury. They monitored Caleb for

Rachel Escue

Red Haired Angel Keeps Watch Comments about Rachel Escue from her mother, Jencie Escue Rachel seemed almost too good to be true as she was so bubbly and sweet every day. It’s still hard to believe she was killed in a car accident. “Rachel planned to go to college and then become an ophthalmologist. She

Mandy Harrell

Mandy’s Story By Mandy’s mom, Betsy Mandy Harrell – Organ Donor Mandy was a loving daughter, fiercely protective sister, and a faithful friend. A petite 18- year-old with an unquenchable love for life, she had a bubbly personality and a beautiful smile. During her participation in America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Program in July 2005, when

Lexie Marissa Davis Torres

Lexie only lived for 17 years and 17 days. She had suffered from epilepsy since she 8 years old but dealt with it. She kept her doctor’s appointments and took her medication regularly. She was free-spirited and a real people-person. She always saw the good in people. As beautiful as she was on the outside,

Jordon Hensley

Three years ago Jordon never thought she would be taking a test to get her learner’s permit to drive. Thanks to a local family’s generous gift of a healthy heart, today that dream is a reality. Jordon received the heart of a stranger and a second chance to be a normal teenager. Jordon was born

Dustin Kitts

Dustin’s Story By Dustin’s mom, Deborah The most difficult journey we had ever faced started at 3:00 pm, on Chapman Highway. Our lives would change in an instant. We will never know what caused Dustin’s car to veer into oncoming traffic. LifeStar took Dustin to UT hospital; where we were told he had a severe

Adam Lively

Adam Lively – Organ Donor Today, an eight-year-old boy is playing with his parents at their home in Louisiana. Three years ago, he was in a hospital bed, dying of kidney disease. A 51-year-old man has received a new heart, and can look forward to a long and healthy life with his wife and child.


For more than seven years, JePahl endured dialysis treatments three times a week, leaving him exhausted and putting his future on hold. His father had suffered from the same kidney disease so he understood the struggle he faced. Too weak even to walk across a parking lot to see a movie with his brothers, he


My name is Helen and I’m a ‘Puzzle Baby.’ Twenty-three years ago I was born with VATER’S Syndrome. My internal organs were all mixed up. Doctors had to connect them during countless surgeries, including open heart surgery at the age of four. We always knew a kidney transplant was ahead for me. The day after

Elizabeth Arteaga

Elizabeth Arteaga of Sacramento says she has a guardian angel – her donor. Elizabeth is in her mid-thirties, but already she has experienced more challenges than most will face in a lifetime.?In 1995, Elizabeth was diagnosed with renal failure. She went on the national waiting list for a kidney, but waited four long years. Near