Dustin Kitts

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Dustin’s Story

By Dustin’s mom, Deborah

The most difficult journey we had ever faced started at 3:00 pm, on Chapman Highway. Our lives would change in an instant. We will never know what caused Dustin’s car to veer into oncoming traffic. LifeStar took Dustin to UT hospital; where we were told he had a severe brain injury. We were given very little hope that he would live.

Many, many people came to the hospital to pray and offer comfort. The nurses in the ICU were like angels to us. They would let us stay in the ICU at night if the unit was fairly quiet. This was important to us because, as we were given less and less hope that Dustin would live, it became important to us to sing Dustin into heaven. Late one night, as I was singing to Dustin, one of the male nurses asked if he could sing to us. With only the lights of the artificial support machines around us, we heard “The Lords Prayer” sung by this precious person. God is Good.

On the last night that Dustin was alive, he had several episodes when the pressure in his brain was so great that it caused the brain to herniate into the spinal area. I knew that this was serious. The rest of the family was not able to comprehend the gravity of the situation. I rephrased what the nurse had just told the family and said, “in other words, Dustin took a giant step backwards last night,” but the nurse replied, “or a giant step forward…into heaven.” Dustin died June 4, 2000. But God was still Good.

Later that day, a coordinator from Donor Services talked to our family regarding our options for organ donation. Our daughter Whitney and Dustin had just recently discussed the topic of organ donation and we knew what Dustin would want us to do. There was such a peace and comfort in the decision. We were again reminded that God is Good.

A short time later we learned that Dustin’s pancreas and kidneys went to a gentleman from Nashville. He had been a diabetic since he was 13 and had been on dialysis for the past 3 years. Since the transplant, he is no longer a diabetic. We were blessed to be able to meet both him and his family and have become very close friends.

Since Dustin’s death, God has ministered to us through people and circumstances time and time again. We do not profess to know God’s entire plan. We do know that events and people placed in our lives have brought peace and comfort. It may have been a card with just the right message; a visit when we were lonely; or finding a portion of Dustin’s Bible highlighted with just the words of encouragement we needed. All of these things reminded us God is just so Good.