Jordon Hensley

Jordon_Hensley TN

Three years ago Jordon never thought she would be taking a test to get her learner’s permit to drive. Thanks to a local family’s generous gift of a healthy heart, today that dream is a reality. Jordon received the heart of a stranger and a second chance to be a normal teenager.

Jordon was born with congenitally corrected transposition, a condition that means her heart worked backwards. After four open heart surgeries she desperately needed a heart transplant to live. At first she was too weak to withstand another surgery but after an infusion of medication she was strong enough to receive a transplant and was placed on the list shortly after. Jordon received her life‐saving transplant at Vanderbilt Medical Center and will be forever grateful to a donor that lived only 20 miles away from her home.

Today, Jordon lives life like most teenagers—she got her learner’s permit so she is driving, and she spends lots of time with her beloved horse, Blizzard.