Lexie Marissa Davis Torres

Lexie_Marissa_Davis_Torres TN

Lexie only lived for 17 years and 17 days. She had suffered from epilepsy since she 8 years old but dealt with it. She kept her doctor’s appointments and took her medication regularly. She was free-spirited and a real people-person. She always saw the good in people. As beautiful as she was on the outside, her mother had taught her that inner beauty was what made people love you. And they loved Lexie.

She enjoyed sitting Indian-style and watching movies, cartoons, family shows, horror movies and comedies. She could sit all day! She loved to ‘doctor up’ frozen burritos as she couldn’t cook. Or if she went out to eat, sliders and egg rolls were her favorites. She was easy-going, happy, humble and thoughtful. She was kind and considerate of others and their feelings. She attended East High School where she loved art. She sang with a beautiful voice and especially loved R & B music. She also sang in her church choir.

She was never left alone in case she had a seizure. Often she would have nightmares that consisted of death. The week we lost her, she had been very tired. On that particular night she had a terrible nightmare. She got in her mom’s bed and her mom held her so she could sleep. Her mom told her they’d enjoy a mother’s day out together later that day. Her mom told Lexie: “I love you.” And Lexie said: “I love you more.” She and her mom always said that to each other as they were very close. They were best friends. Later that day her mom told her she was down the street and would be home soon so they could go shopping. When her mother hung up from that call she felt something wasn’t right. She called Lexie’s name twice as sometimes she would have a fading spell before a seizure. Twenty-five minutes later her mom got a call that she had had a seizure, fallen in the tub and drowned. When her mom pulled up and saw the ambulance and all the people, her heart fell. She remembers feeling and knowing she lost Lexie. The winter holiday season is especially hard for her family and friends as it was her favorite time of year. Lexie would help decorate and have a glow herself!

The family asked about donation because they wanted others to live as a result of the special gifts of organs and tissue from their special Lexie. She is so thoroughly missed but takes comfort in knowing she helped so many others live.