Rachel Escue


Red Haired Angel Keeps Watch

Comments about Rachel Escue from her mother, Jencie Escue

Rachel seemed almost too good to be true as she was so bubbly and sweet every day. It’s still hard to believe she was killed in a car accident.

“Rachel planned to go to college and then become an ophthalmologist. She ultimately wanted to visit countries and help people who could not afford good eye care. I thought she might become a veterinarian as she loved animals, especially her horse Liberty”.

Rachel loved working with children and had a job teaching gymnastics only a block from home. The day of the fatal car accident she had gone there to pick up her paycheck. We had planned a family vacation to Hawaii and she wanted to have extra spending money for the trip.

Rachel was one of those rare people that was happy all of the time. She always seemed to be grinning from ear to ear. She loved cheerleading for her high school team and was so excited they became national champions! She especially enjoyed the camaraderie that came from being with her friends. She and her sister Jamie were very close and spent a lot of time together. In fact, Jamie was in the car with her when the crash occurred.

I still can’t believe Rachel is gone but I’m so thankful Jamie survived her serious injuries. The pain of losing a child is so intense; you don’t feel it when it happens to you. It really took awhile for it to hit. I’m still having a hard time even though I know Rachel is in a better place. Somehow I always knew I wouldn’t have her very long.

Following the accident, the doctors did everything they could to save her. Jamie was in surgery when we were told Rachel would not survive. When Jamie woke up we wheeled her on the stretcher to see Rachel so she could say goodbye. Then her friends and family told Rachel it was okay to let go, it was her choice. Shortly thereafter, Rachel passed away on her own.

Rachel had signed her driver’s license and told us if anything happened to her she wanted to be a donor and help other people. Even though some family members questioned her decision, I wanted to fulfill her wish.

We are so proud of Rachel. She was so giving of herself, even in her last act. While she was beautiful on the outside, she was even more beautiful on the inside. I feel our red haired angel watches over us. It was her choice to be a donor. I want to tell her story and let others know that organ donation also made it easier for us after losing her. We know she lives on in the recipients she saved. It’s hard to describe the special way you feel about what she did. Rachel saved five lives with her organs. What a giver.