Education is imperative for individuals to make informed choices about healthcare, and life in general.  We have found that students are very interested in organ donation and often have a lot of questions inspired by fictional media.  Tennessee Donor Services offers a comprehensive educational programs to inform high school and college studentsIn Your Classroom  addresses this national health crisis:  the shortage of organs and tissues available for transplant.  Our school programs give foundational knowledge to students about organ and tissue donation, enabling them to make an educated decision about becoming a donor.  We hope you will join us.

For more information contact the office in your area:

Nashville (615)234-5251

Knoxville (865)588-1031

Tri-Cities/SW Virginia (423)915-0808

Chattanooga (423)756-5736

Driver Service Centers

The Tennessee Department of Safety plays a critical role in saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.  They serve on our state team, Donate Life Tennessee, striving to ensure they do everything they can to help Tennesseans register to donate life.

The Department of Safety is often the first place where people are asked if they want to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.  Those who say “yes” are entered in to the Department of Safety registry of organ and tissue donors.  This information is downloaded into the state registry weekly as a legal record of consent to donate organs and tissues.  Since all Tennesseans periodically visit the Department of Safety or their website, their support is crucial to increasing donor designations.  By asking about donation with every person who receives or renews their driver’s license or state ID card, these staff are helping provide a future for the thousands of men, women and children waiting for a transplant.

The Tennessee Department of Safety has become increasingly more important as legislation was passed in 2006 regarding first person consent.  This ensures that a person’s designated decision to donate cannot be overridden by anyone else.  So when you say “I’m a donor, it’s on my license” you can be assured your wishes will be honored.

TDS thanks the Department of Safety staff for their continued help.  Without you we cannot save lives!

County Clerks

The Tennessee County Clerk Organ Donation Awareness Foundation was created in 1986 when local clerks realized the urgent need for life-saving organ and tissue donors and found a way they could help.  Clerk staff across Tennessee helps save lives every day when they ask their patrons to donate a dollar to organ donor awareness.  Their work has collected over 10 million dollars in the past 25 years, desperately needed monies that fund public awareness campaigns throughout the state.

The Foundation’s role in the donation process is a partnership that is continuously evolving.  From collecting donations to help fund programs, encouraging residents to become organ and tissue donors, distributing educational literature and promotional supplies in their offices, and now to registering residents as donors when they renew their driver’s licenses–in addition to the many tasks they face daily–clerks and staff alike go above and beyond in their work toward the day when no one will die waiting for an organ transplant.

To the Tennessee County Clerks and staff, we thank you for your on-going support and for making a difference in the lives of Tennesseans.  You truly do make a difference in helping us save lives!

Funeral Homes

Tennessee Donor Services works with Funeral Home Directors across the state.  We are a member of the TFDA (Tennessee Funeral Directors Association) and provide service 24/7 to assist with any needs occurring during and after the donation process.  To contact our Funeral Home Liaison, please call 1-866-757-6481.